About Us...

Confident Futures is a unique end-to-end environmental consultancy. We combine being the UK’s first peer-to-peer localised 100% green generation supplier, with expertise in simplifying sustainability.

We’re making it easier for organisations to meet regulatory requirements and become net zero. Together with meeting wider biodiversity and social solutions. Our team of entrepreneurial, long-standing sustainability experts assist companies in developing and implementing successful strategies seamlessly.

We work with your teams to develop strategies tailored to your business. We work with you on your journey meeting you where you are and helping you to progress. We know the challenges and expectations of businesses, recognising your challenges whether you are public, private, PE backed or listed.

Busting Jargon...

Ultimately solutions are linked to finance. Here you will find jargon words like ‘materialty’, and types ‘single’, ‘double’, ‘societal’, ‘dynamic’ or ‘financial’ (as well as combinations). We break this jargon down, making it simpler.

As the other services we offer show we can offer green finance (on a OPEX or CAPEX basis) enabling onsite generation, combined with offsite distribution on a truly auditable basis. Our strategy is that if you can’t install green generation onsite, you can “own it offsite” through our peer-to-peer local generation networks within your distribution zone, eradicate install and maintenance costs and add immediate profit to your balance sheet. The capped or fixed rate to supply on a localised peer-to-peer network can’t be beaten because it isn’t influenced by the wholesale energy markets, global impacts or seasonal demand.

As you will know this is just part of the solution required and as such we can take you through every aspect of carbon and wider environmental assessments.

Confident Futures believes we all are responsible for change, so let’s work on it together. Let us join you on your journey to net zero and beyond to simplify and ensure you easily meet your targets.

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